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We can't ignore this question forever. Eventually, you will have to replace FRx. Here is your answer:

Noah C. Moseley
MSX Group Senior Consultant and Certified Instructor

Email me if you need help installing, implementing or just need training on Microsoft Forecaster, Management Reporter or FRx. Plus, Prospero for Financial Reporting and Budgeting is now available. See our introductory video at http://msxgroup.com/prospero_video_introduction

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We are running FRX Report Writer on AX 2009 SP1. We want to replace with a different Report Writer for our Financials. Can you recommend an alternate solution?
Bill Thomas

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Our recommended replacement for FRx is PROSPERO!  Prospero is our Financial Reporting solution that we built in-house based on our over 20 years of experience with FRx.  Navigation and use of Prospero is similar to FRx, but tremendously enhanced and Prospero has a lot of new functionality you can leverage in your Financial Reporting processes.  I'll send you an email so I can answer any additional questions you may have.

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...and to add:
*  there is an awesome FRx and Management Reporter report conversion tool which can bring over all of your reports into Prospero! 

This saves YOU a huge amount of time and expense when converting and one of many product differentiators of Prospero over other more costly alternatives

AND there is a FREE trial version of Prospero you may take advantage of using both demo data AND YOUR reports and GL data and reports!   Most existing Prospero customers took advantage of this no cost and no risk offer to validate the power, ease, familiarity of Prospero along with being able to see and take advantage of all the NEW features to automate and improve the reporting AND budgeting process (all in ONE product not multiple, different reporting and budgeting products!).

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