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Management Reporter (MR) is an FRx replacement product. 

There are two versions of MR on the market today, both products developed by the FRx product team out of Denver, Colorado:

MR V1 - Microsoft Office PerformancePoint 2007 Management Reporter 1.0

MR V2 - Management Reporter for Microsoft Dynamics ERP


MR V1 - Was originally intended to be the FRx replacement product for the masses.  In the 2006 timeframe, Microsoft moved MR into the PerformancePoint Server 2007 product suite.  Unfortunately PPS 2007 was launched in November 2008 and PPS 2007 along with MR V1 was discontinued in Feburary 2009.  Distribution was limited although there are a handful of ERP Vendors who are shipping MR V1.  Expect no new functionality for MR V1.  We may someday see a service pack with bug fixes.

MR V1 integrations:
Viewpoint Software

Sage - X3

Epicor -  iScala

Dynamics - None

(There may be a few others)


MR V2 – MR V2 Is the Dynamics only FRx replacement product.  In other words, if you are running a Dynamics ERP system, you can or soon will have access to MR V2.  MR V2 is available now for GP 2010 and should be available for AX in late 2010, with SL and NAV integration to be announced in the near future.


Good News:

Both FRx and MR take the same row, column, tree approach to report design so learning MR will be easy for existing FRx users.  There’s a report migration wizard, so migration is simple.  There are some new features in MR that make report design and formatting easier (look for details in a separate post).  MR is an all new code base that is architected using .NET and C#, and utilizes SQL Server (not Access) for report and template storage.  MR was written for 64 bit machines and operating systems and is therefore, or at least in theory, a better performing and more stable product.  Microsoft is investing heavily in MR as the platform for which all future performance management functionality will be built so we are to expect more financial reporting enhancements to be included in MR V2 via feature packs.  Microsoft has announced that budgeting/planning (Forecaster) functionality will be included in MR V3 which is scheduled for the 2012 timeframe.


Bad News:

There are gaps in functionality between FRx and MR.  FRx has been in development since 1989 and although there are many features that we'd all like to see, there are some FRx features that do not exist in MR (look for details in a separate post).



Craig Anderson
MSX Group
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