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Hi there,

I am trying to create a report that uses our Organization Hierarchy.  I would like to use this in the row definition so I do not need to attach the applicable financial dimensions to each row.  Is there a way to do this, or can it only be used in the report definition?


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Hi, there are a few options that I will summarize below.  I will be glad to quickly and complimentary dial in with you using GoToMeeting to create and illustrate for you as well.

In the row, for any row linked to FD (Fin Dim/GL) you have column D you can double click to restrict that row to a unit of the tree (another way to add a dimension filter basically).  I would usually just use the Fin Dim link column J in the row to do this as this method is more flexible and direct.  There are also Dimension Value Sets you may create centrally in Mgt Reporter in any row, column or tree go to Edit | Dimension Value Sets.

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Hi Jenn:

I have a row definition set up by Dept and Location in column D then the main accounts in column J. It works nicely to get the hierarchy on the same report.


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thanks for the suggestions. 

jfinnell - if you had a restructuring though would you then create a new reporting tree based on the recent published organization hierarchy?  Then you would have to update all the links in column D?
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