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Microsoft Forecaster has an upgrade wizard that will copy Microsoft Forecaster 6.7 data, convert that data into Microsoft Forecaster 7.0 data and store that data in a new Microsoft Forecaster 7.0 database. Sometimes there are problems during the upgrade process. Here are some tips that might help you during your upgrade:

Wizard Fails: Occassionally, the upgrade wizard will fail to create a new database and close. The error will display in the upgrade log that Forecaster creates. An easy fix may be to create a blank database on the server for the new Forecaster 7.0 database and then re-run the upgrade wizard and pick that new blank database as the target. Try it before you spend a lot of time troubleshooting the error messages.
Backup your Backup: Create a backup copy of the Forecaster 6.7 database. Don't stop there. Also, create a new blank Forecaster 6.7 database and restore your backup to that blank database. Use this new backup database as the source when running the Forecaster upgrade wizard. This way, the upgrade wizard never touches your original Forecaster 6.7 database directly.
Do your Service Packs: Before running the Forecaster upgrade wizard, make sure that Microsoft Forecaster 7.0 is installed successfully including the latest Service Pack and Hot Fixes.
User Security: If the Forecaster 6.7 database used SQL logins instead of Windows Authentication and you have a lot of users, check the box to "Create a SQL user for every Forecaster 6.7 user". It just makes re-setting up security easier (although Windows Authentication for Forecaster 7.0 is the way to go).

The First Time You Log In: Plan for a LOT of processing the first time you log into Forecaster 7.0 as the administrator. Forecaster has a lot of tables to index and it recalculates all of the HR data. Plan for anything from 5 minutes of processing to several hours of processing time depending on how much data you had in Forecaster 6.7. Forecaster 7.0 will recalculate HR for every input set in 6.7. This can take quite a long time in some cases.

More Tips: We will add more tips as they come up. Thanks and call us if we can help with your Forecaster upgrade (877) 456-7632.

Noah C. Moseley
MSX Group Senior Consultant and Certified Instructor

Email me if you need help installing, implementing or just need training on Microsoft Forecaster, Management Reporter or FRx. Plus, Prospero for Financial Reporting and Budgeting is now available. See our introductory video at http://msxgroup.com/prospero_video_introduction

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