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Good Morning,

When we input an amount in the Total Column, Forecaster automatically divides it evenly for each month. Is there a way to have it divide by days of the month? So, January would be 31 days, February would be 28 (unless it's a Leap year), and so forth.

We have used the Spread Method before but we want to be able to control when it is used. Basically, we use previous year actuals to start then make adjustments where needed. So, it wouldn't be for a particular main account across all of our departments and locations.

Would it involve the Overrides? I haven't used that option before.

Details would be appreciated.



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Hey Joni,

Spread Methods can only be assigned in the input screen, so you can't set rules to automatically apply to certain account/department combinations. Overrides only allows you to change the default Line Set for a given department or department rollup.

In your circumstance, you might consider setting your input set to Allow all segments in Lines in the Options tab (Setup>Budgets>Input Sets). The next time you open the input set, select "All Segments" in the Rows are: field. Now, when your input screen appears, you can select values for all segments and are free to use rollups to select multiple departments or accounts. It will display each unique combination of the segment values selected. Highlight all of the rows you wish to apply the days of the month (or any) spread method to using Ctrl and or Shift to select multiple rows at once. When you change back to regular input, the spread methods will continue to apply until removed. To remove the spread method, type over any monthly balance.

Keep in mind, you can use the Sort options in the multi-segment input screen to help you group your rows to be selected. Also, avoid selecting very large groups of segment values as it may take a considerable amount of time for the screen to display. I don't think this will do exactly what you want, but it should give you more options.

Let me know if you have any further questions.



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Thanks for responding. We are using the input screen.

I have found that you can:

  1. Use predefined spread method or base this allocation on the activity in another account. 

    1. Click on the line with the expense to which you want to apply the spread.

    2. Click on the Spread Icon  on the Forecaster Toolbar

    3. Select the Spread method from the dropdown, example Days of the Month.

    4. Enter value in the Amount to Spread field.

    5. Press < OK >

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