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I'm having some issues setting up security for my users.  I have the user setup as a Generator with company access to all 300 companies.  I have the user setup on the Report library for access to a report folder called Billing.  I then set up the user on the Reporting tree with Unit security to only the g\l she should have access too.  Now when the user tries to run a report they get an error message:  "The credentials entered for one or more companies were not valid." 

Can you help me? 


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Hi, I would look to the G/L database security to confirm the user's ID and password as the message refers to the GL database security as opposed to the Management Reporter security.  The event viewer may  provide more information on the error.  You can also generate the report for a smaller section of the tree to determine which company GL database security it is failing on if the event viewer or Management Reporter queue status window do not indicate the company(ies) it is failing on.

Derek Krebs
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