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When working with Reporting Trees in Management Reporter, I sometimes get an error message when trying to save the tree requiring me to select a Row Definition in Column E for every Reporting Unit in the tree. I can select a Row Definition and it fills in automatically for every Reporting Unit in the tree but then I sometimes get another error that a Financial Dimension Link is required in Column F. I really do not need either of these for the report I am building but Management Reporter will not let me save the tree until I fill in all of these.

A quick and easy way to fix this:

  1. I fill in a Row Definition (any of the existing Row definition, it does not matter which).
  2. I click Save and get red circles (errors) in Column F.
  3. I highlight every cell in Column D and Column E and delete the contents (just press the Delete button on your keyboard).
  4. I can then save my Reporting Tree Definition with no errors.

Maybe this will save some of you some headaches.

Management Reporter 2012 version 2.12.15000.56

Noah C. Moseley
MSX Group Senior Consultant and Certified Instructor

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