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Recently, there has been some confusion about what permissions a user gets when his or her Security Group is granted the "Perform Administration Tasks" privilege in Forecaster7.

In a nutshell, this privilege grants the following permissions:

1. Full access to all features under the Setup menu, except Security.
2. Visibility (read and write) for all departments, regardless of assignments.
3. Visibility (read and write) into all input sets, regardless of Input Menu limitations. This includes HR and other detail screens.
4. Visibility into all report data, including details.

The fact that Security is not part of the mix of permissions is by design.  Essentially, this feature is meant to allow the system to be maintained and operated while a full Administrator is away from the office (on vacation, for example) or to allow for certain system maintenance tasks to be distributed among several people.  If Forecaster granted the security feature to the user(s) with this Perform Administration Tasks privilege, the user could, potentially, go in and elevate himself or herself to a full administrator, or could change other user's permissions. 

The Perform Administration Tasks privilege grants users a lot of rights to the data and configuration, while protecting the system from accidental changes to the security infrastructure.  Security is important to maintain and therefore requires the extra permission that being in the Administrator group provides. 

Rob Diaz
MSX Group
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