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I have a report using a tree with 15 companies. I'm new to MR and this is the first report I'm trying to build. Row definition is for sales accounts in the multiple ledgers. 13 of the 15 produce correct results. 2 of the companies either produce nothing or garbage. Any ideas what could be wrong here? Thanks

More information;  it appears to be something related to the year.  The report will pull accurate information from the prior year, but nothing for the current year.

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Hi, I would be glad to complimentary look at the report to provide feedback.  Usually, it is a case of missing or duplicating data.  There are features in the latest MR version to report on such missing and duplicate data. 


You may email screen shots of row, column, tree to contact info below.  I would also suggest running the report for account level detail to drill in to see data that might glaringly be out of whack.  Next I would ensure the prior year is closed too, if not beginning balances for balance sheet accounts will not flow.  Finally, I would suggest being on the latest MR 2012 Rollup 4 version to avoid any prior bugs there may have been in early versions.

Derek Krebs
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