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This week I was migrating a customer from two products (1. Microsoft FRx /Management Reporter and 2. Microsoft Forecaster) to the single easy-to-use MSX Prospero financial reporting and budgeting application.  I wanted to share a tip they (and I) were thrilled about to avoid double the efforts they were doing and reduce or even eliminate the tedious maintenance they were doing on their report lines/rows and budget templates.

The example below illustrates the power and ease of MSX Prospero.  The tips and techniques below may be used for BOTH reporting and budgeting with real-time consolidations done within the MSX Prospero database leveraging rollup trees with detailed budgeting for HR, Revenue, Capital, Line Item Details and with Security.

Please see the screen shot below.  Notice how Total Revenue, Totals CGS and Total Expenses show details (expanding by the account segment and you may define additional or other GL segments to expand and drill down into any order you wish with automatic charting abilities)

  • Window 1 on left is the report output of an Income Statement; you can drill down by any GL segment, define the GL segment drill down order AND even down to account and transaction detail levels to enable any user to efficiently analyze their operational data
  • Window 2 on top right is simple line set with a few summary accts and expanding to show all accounts (you may also define which GL segments to explode on and if you have a multi-level tree how many levels down from starting unit to expand)
  • Windows 3 and 4 on bottom right is rollup tree on the Account and Location segment/dimension where you can use a combination of ranges, wildcards, and individual accts (or Companies/Locations/Depts/etc.) to define report groupings/summaries/drill-down

Expans Rows and Summary Accts.png 
Please let me know if there are any questions or requests for a one-on-one product demonstration of MSX Prospero - financial reporting and budgeting simplified!

Derek Krebs
Sr Consultant


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