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When working with the latest version of Management Reporter 2012 - RU5, released on April 26, 2013, we found that some account balances were included in more than one row of the same report, causing the balances to be counted twice. For example, account 3740 may appear in the 3740 row of the report as well as in the row defined by the range 3560:3590. Microsoft has confirmed this as a bug:

Bug 671823: DDM - Range of accounts returns data from next highest account number if the company does not have accounts within the range

The bug only relates to the Data Mart integration, not the legacy provider, so a possible workabound would be to revert back to the legacy provider. However, if you have created or migrated new reports, this may require updates to multiple building blocks definitions to reflect the appropriate company information.

Another potential solution is to revert back to RU4 with hotfix 1 (steps below):

1)  Make a backup copy of the MR database and export all of the building blocks to a .tdbx file (*).
2)  Delete both the Data Mart and Management Reporter Databases. 

2)  Use the Control Panel to uninstall Management Reporter 2012 Server and Client

3)  Install/Configure Management Reporter RU 4 (**).

4)  Before enabling the Integration apply the RU 4 HotFix on the Server install.

5)  Enable the integration

6)  Import the .tdbx file to restore your reports and building block components.

* To make back up of the Building Blocks from Report Designer, go to Company>> BuildingBlockGroups >> Export. Insure that you have selected each tab when exporting

**You may need to contact Microsoft Support to gain access to the MR RU4 installation files if you did not download them previously.

Microsoft is working on a solution for this bug. Check the MR downloads page in CustomerSource for new service packs or hotfixes related to this issue before making any changes.


Nick Sercer - MSX Group

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