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We are an organization that has 45-50 different legal entities.  Our GL team splits responsibility amongst the legal entities and should only ever see MR reports for the entities they were granted access to.  We use Dynamics AX2012 R3 as our ERP solution and have set up security so that any MR report a GL user selects only allows them to generate the report for those entities.
We have all our reports using Report Viewer to view (and print or export to Excel) the reports.  What we are finding is that all version of the reports from all users are sitting in the Report Viewer under the default Library folder and any given user can go to any of these reports and open it and view the content even though they do not have access to that entity.
An example would be our Balance Sheet.  We have 1 Balance Sheet MR report with a tree associated with it (no security on the units).  We designed our security with Organization access in AX.  A user selects the Balance Sheet and then when they generate, they only can get results for the entities they were granted access to.  However, if they look in the Report Library, they see all the other versions of the Balance Sheet and can open these and see data for entities they do not have access to.
Does anyone have a similar set up in place?  If so, how did you structure the folder permissions and the report output and distribution settings to accommodate?
Any information is greatly appreciated.
Thank you

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Hi Sharon,

 I will be glad to quickly and complimentary dial in with you using GoToMeeting next week if you like to further illustrate or help.

 Please see the attached file (DynAXDataProvInstGuide.pdf, page ) as we can first review the User types and roles in AX and Mgt Rpt.

 I wish Mgt Reporter had better, centralized security like MSX Prospero does but Mgt Rpt has “decentralized” security by individual FOLDER and individual TREE and TREE unit.  Therefore, I would leverage the security within the TREE probably to meet your needs.

 Glad to help with any other questions on Microsoft Mgt Rpt (reporting), Microsoft Forecaster (budgeting, both included with AX) and MSX Prospero (single product which replaces those two).

 Have a good day…..



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