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Microsoft posted a hotfix at the end of Apr 2011 to deal with some of the Analytical Accounting (AA) and performance issues that users have reported in Management Reporter Feature Pack 1 which was released in Dec 2010.

For GP Customers and Partners the hotfix can be downloaded here - https://mbs2.microsoft.com/fileexchange/?fileID=5c2dd3d7-fcc2-499c-bc65-73f70a9c7cd8

Here is the list of known issues with this hotfix:

·         Unable to log in to a Microsoft Dynamics GP company.

If the following message is displayed when you log on to a company in Management Reporter, multiple items in Microsoft Dynamics GP have the same name and the data provider cannot read the data: “The operation could not be completed due to a problem in the data provider framework.”

Management Reporter requires unique names for all Account Segments, Analytical Accounting (AA) Dimensions, and User-Defined Fields in Microsoft Dynamics GP. Items with the same name must be changed.

·         Account description is not visible when viewing Account or Transaction details.

If an account in Microsoft Dynamics GP does not have amounts or items posted to it, the account description will not appear when you drill to the Account or Transaction detail for the account in Report Viewer. After a transaction or item is posted to the account, then the account description will be displayed on reports.

·         Cannot generate a report with AA Dimensions and AA Budget Book Code.

If a report contains a row that uses only AA Dimensions and a column that uses the AA Budget Book Code, the report cannot be generated. To report on AA Budgets, you must select a regular segment  in the row (i.e. a segment that is not specific to Analytic Accounting).

·         Account Category is missing from the list of attributes.

If Account Category is not selected as a dimension, then it will not be displayed in the list of available row modifiers and attribute filters. To use the Account Category, you must select it in the Company Wizard:

1.    Click Company > Companies to open the Companies dialog.

2.    Select the company and click Modify to open the Modify Company form.

3.    Click Settings to open the Company Wizard.

4.    Click Additional Settings and select the Account Category check box.

5.    Click Next and review the company settings. Click Finish to exit the wizard.

Craig Anderson
MSX Group
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