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We recently encountered a situation where we upgraded a GP customer from GP 9 to GP 2010 (on the way to GP 2013).  We also deployed Management Reporter 2012 RU5 so that the customer could validate MR reports against the GP 2010 database along with FRx reports.  So far so good.  We then had to do a re-upgrade using a different GP backup file because the wrong backup had inadvertently been used the first time.  Once the reupgrade was finished, MR (both Legacy and DDM) was still reporting the earlier data.  We refreshed the companies in the MR Console, then recreated the ERP integrations in MR and reimported the companies but still could not get MR to report against the new data.   Finally, we rebuilt the DDM integration by deleting the sql database and recreating it.  That worked - for the DDM reports AND FOR THE LEGACY REPORTS.  Both reported the new data that had been used for the second upgrade correctly.

What is a mystery is why would rebuilding the DDM have had any impact on the Legacy reports.  Please advise on any thoughts or explanations.


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I have seen that too on several occasions where deleting the SQL data mart and having it rebuild from scratch solved some discrepant data.  The data mart is relatively new (just a couple of years old considering FRx was around for 20 years) so there are occasional bugs and customer scenarios of data that may cause a discrepant amount.  Thankfully, the rebuild of the data mart is quick to do.

Some recommendations on that note:
1) stay on top of the latest rollup versions, Rollup 5 or RU5 is the latest;
2) add check rows to your row formats (e.g. net income for income statement is all revenue and expense accts 4000:9999
3) take advantage of the missing and duplicate account functionality in Management Reporter
4) report all cases to Microsoft so they have more info of customer scenarios of report design and data to help with future bug fixes

Derek Krebs
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