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Might seem to be a small issue but is there a way to change the default for the applications in the Microsoft Forecaster Web Access?

We have a number of applications and web users are forever using the wrong app from the list. Many simply choose the default and go from there.


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Well, the Microsoft Forecaster Web Access application list is displayed in the order it is defined on the server. There isn't really a way to sort that list except to remove all of the items and re-add them in the order you'd prefer.

It is supposed to remember the last-selected application for each user and default to that the next time the goes to the site on that machine. This works well... but if you are accessing it via Citrix or other shared desktop tools it may fail to store that information unless local profiles are enabled or login/logout scripts are used to backup and restore the users' specific configuration information.

I hope this helps.

Rob Diaz
MSX Group
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