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Microsoft Forecaster – Advanced Reporting using Multiple Segments.  Most Forecaster users appreciate its robust reporting capabilities.  By using the building block structure, reports can be quickly built and easily managed.  Furthermore, the power of using rollups in reports is one of the primary advantages to Forecaster.  Users are able to see summarized data and drill down into the details, so they spend more time doing the value-adding analysis than formatting reports in Excel and layering them to get down to the details.


What many Forecaster users don’t realize is that they can use multiple segments in both the line set and column set to create even more advanced reports.  This feature allows report designers to pick and choose combinations for segments to present the data in a fashion that makes the most sense to the report consumer.  Examples include:


·         Combining the Department and Account in the lines to create consolidated Income Statement with Sales, G&A and R&D department breakouts.


·         Combining the Account with the Period in the lines to create an Income Statement detailing current period activity over YTD activity.


·         Combining the Department and Period in the columns to create an Income Statement that positions the departments side by side and set to the current period.


Segments and periods can be combined in rows or columns of a report to assist users with advanced report design. These elements are combined by using a period (.) between the segment or period IDs.  The available segments can be found by navigating to Setup>Segments>Definition.  Use of the Beforeskip or Afterskip fields in the line set explodes one or more of the combined

segments to a lower level in the rollup hierarchy. The Prompt field in the Reports Worksheet is used to control which segment or

segments to explode. Any segment within the combined line code can be exploded.


For more information on building advanced reports in Forecaster, please contact Doug.Haynie@MSXGroup.com.


Doug Haynie
Simplifying Budgeting, Financial Reporting, and Analysis
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