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MSX Icon 96x96.jpg  In June 2016, Microsoft quietly announced that Jet Express (a Jet Reports financial reporting product) could be used as a replacement for Management Reporter for Microsoft Dynamics GP. It was a great surprise to the Dynamics GP community that Microsoft would no longer allocate development resources for Management Reporter's GP integration. The same applies to Microsoft's SL integration. Microsoft will continue, surprisingly again, its development of Management Reporter for Microsoft Dynamics AX. This huge change of direction leaves GP and SL without a Microsoft financial reporting solution going forward. Although Management Reporter will continue to work for current GP and SL installations and perhaps for the next couple of releases, a replacement will be needed at some point. For those of you interested in a Management Reporter replacement sooner than later, we at the MSX Group have built our very own answer for you - PROSPERO.

Prospero is a purpose-built application for financial reporting, analysis and budgeting (budgeting will be part of Prospero before the end of 2016 so this makes Prospero a great replacement for Management Reporter, FRx and Microsoft Forecaster). Although reports can be generated to Excel, Prospero is not an Excel-based application like Jet Express. Reports are built using the proven report building concepts that Management Reporter and Microsoft FRx used - rows, columns and trees - although we did make a few changes. For instance, our tree rollups can be used in Row Definitions (we call them Line Definitions) and set to automatically expand to display the individual accounts summarized in the tree as ranges of accounts. This makes maintenance amazingly easier. New accounts would automatically get picked up in the tree rollups and display when the report generates. There is no need to update the Line Definition like is required in Management Reporter and FRx. Reports in Prospero can be generated directly to the printer or directly to Excel. FRx had these options, but Management Reporter did not. There are many other features that we have married together from Management Reporter, FRx and Forecaster plus other features from our wish lists from years of handling MR, FRx and Forecaster implementations for clients.

Take a tour of Prospero here on our website and sign-up for a Prospero webinar at your earliest convenience. We have your financial reporting and budgeting replacement for Management Reporter, FRx and Forecaster.

Ad 380x280 Prospero for GP.png 

Noah C. Moseley
MSX Group Senior Consultant and Certified Instructor

Email me if you need help installing, implementing or just need training on Microsoft Forecaster, Management Reporter or FRx. Plus, Prospero for Financial Reporting and Budgeting is now available. See our introductory video at http://msxgroup.com/prospero_video_introduction

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