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A user may have an issue when launching Management Reporter (MR) with the connection pointing to the development server rather than the production server. 


The most likely fix is to update the registry with additional notes below.  Be very careful and have experienced IT (or MSFT Support or Partner) asssist.


Here’s how the Management Reporter (MR) connection string process works:


1.       MR reads from KEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Dynamics\ManagementReporter\<version>\Client\ServerConnection.  If that value is not empty, that’s what MR uses.


 2.       If #1 was empty, we read from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Dynamics\ManagementReporter\<version>\Client\ServerConnection.  If that value is not empty, that’s what MR uses.


3.       If #2 was empty, MR will ask the user for the connection string.


The typical scenarios are:


1.       The client has an HKCU value for the proper server, while other users don’t have an HKCU value and are getting the HKLM value, which points to the other server.     OR


 2.       The client doesn’t have an HKCU value and is getting the HKLM value (which points to the proper place), while the other users have an HKCU value that points to the wrong place.


#1 above is probably more likely.


There are a couple of things to check:

 1.       Check the HKCU value in his profile.  If they have one, delete it.  They should then pick up the same value as the other users (assuming #1 above is the case).

2.       If that’s the case, have them change the HKLM value in the registry (requires admin) – users should pick that up automatically.

3.       If users have HKCU entries instead, the best bet may be to use a login script to set their HKCU entry to the proper location (or clear it out so they pick up the HKLM value).


If there are multiple terminal servers in play, they may be using roaming profiles, which may complicate things a bit more.  However, the bet is it’s #1 that is described above, which should be an easy fix.


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