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ISSUE:   An error occurred while loading the company wizard.  Contact your system administrator.

FIX: To resolve this error message, check the following items:

1. Check the version of the data provider. You can do this by going to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics ERP\Management Reporter\2.0\Providers. The dll file in there should be the same version as what is listed under Help | About in MR.  You can download data providers at: https://mbs.microsoft.com/customersource/downloads/servicepacks/MRInstall

2. In IIS, click the server name and then click the ISAPI and CGI Restrictions button, under the IIS section. Check that all the .NET versions that are listed are set to Allowed.

3. In IIS, click the Management Reporter site and then click Directory Browsing, under the IIS section. Verify that this is set to Enabled. If it is not, you will have to do an iisreset after you change it.

4. In IIS, click the Management Reporter application pool. Then click Advanced Settings. Check that Enable 32-bit Applications is set to TRUE. If you change this, you will have to do an iisreset. 

5. This error can occur if the user-defined fields in GP are blank. You can check this by running this statement against the company database:   select * from gl40000

Check the results and see whether the USRDFPR columns are blank. If any of them are, you can run this statement to update them:

UPDATE GL40000 SET USRDRPR2 = 'User-Defined 2', USRDRPR3 = 'User-Defined 3', USRDRPR4 = 'User-Defined 4' WHERE USRDFPR1 = 'abc'

You may have to edit the update statement, depending on which user-defined fields are blank. You will also have to update the user-defined 1 field to be what you have. In this query, User-Defined 2, 3 and 4 will be updated where User-Defined 1 is abc. 

6. Verify that you are using MR with GP 2010 and not GP 10. MR is only compatible with GP 2010.

7. Install .NET 4.0. The error can occur if there are missing .NET files. Reinstalling .NET 4.0 should fix this. 

8. In SQL Query Analyzer, run this statement against the Management Reporter database:

select * from securityprincipal

The user who is listed in this table is who you must be logged into the computer as. The user in the securityprincipal table is the user who is used for the initial setup of MR. If the user differs from who you are logged into the computer as, uninstall MR and the database and then reinstall by using the user ID of who you are logged in as. 

9. Check the Event Viewer for any additional error message. 

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