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A question came up today worth sharing:


Question: How do you deploy the Forecaster Web Access client msi without using the browser to do so?


Answer: You may use the file "MicrosoftForecasterWebClient.msi".  This file is located on the web server and you can get to it as follows (assuming a default installation):  c:\program files\Microsoft Forecaster 7.0\WebAccess\Cabs\Files


If this is a 64-bit server, look in program files (x86).  You only need to deploy MicrosoftForecasterWebClient.msi



In addition to the above-mentioned MSI file, there is a bootstrapper that may need to be deployed.  This is located in the same location as the MSI and is called fcbootstrap.cab.  This file actually controls the check to see if there are updates to apply.  If there is a reason that this file cannot be manually deployed, you can circumvent Forecaster Web Access's use of it by including "forecaster.asp" at the end of your bookmarked URL.  By specifying this specific page, Forecaster Web Access will not attempt to load or use the bootstrapper.  I recommend that fcbootstrap.cab be deployed, but if there is a reason it cannot be, you can work around it by including the page in the URL.



This reply compliments of Rob Diaz, Director of Software Development at MSX Group.




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Hi Derek,

Are you aware of any issues that would prevent multiple companies to be accessible for web access?

We have a production company and another company with is a test. I have configured both companies for web access using the "Databse Registration Tool". I am able to login successfully to the prod company, but when trying to login to the test, get the error stating username and password is incorrect. I am able to login to both companies using the full client. Even if i change the company to point to Prod (within database reg tool) only the first connection works. The second one still fails with the same error - even though both point to the same database. Single Server with windows server 2008 64bit.



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Hi Sandeep,

I have never seen an issue with Web Access being able to connect to one database but not another, unless there is a typo or mistake in the database connection information in the Database Registration Tool.

If you open the Database Registration Tool and select the second connection, then "Test" it, does that work?


Rob Diaz
MSX Group
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