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D Pithers

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I have different numbers on only one line in January 2013 and 2013 YTD actuals (Marketing Expense on Income Statement) ... Not sure how this can be possible as they are by definition the same?

Please help with any advice you can give.

Thank you in advance!

Dale P

D Pithers

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Nevermind, discovered that two P&L accounts were earmarked as Balance Sheet accounts and hence did not have their balances cleared at the end of the year. So a YTD balance from this beginning balance. Ouch ...


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Hi, I would first check inside your host GL system to make sure the account is setup properly.  Speaking of, what GL system are you on as this may impact some replies and suggestions?

I would also create a new report with very simple one row with that acct, new column (CUR and YTD) and no tree. 

We (MSX group) will be glad to assist further.  We would need some additional information to diagnose.  You may send an FRx drill down file  (with acct detail) along with screen shots (or exports) of the FRx row/column/tree.  Please find the contact info below.

Derek Krebs
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