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There is a demo version of Forecaster.

You can download the FC7.0 30-Day Trial here. This is actually the full version of Forecaster which becomes permanent when a valid license key is applied. The installation includes the Fabrikam sample company database, which is a fully functioning implementation of Forecaster with an Access database back end. The above link also includes Service Packs and Hotfixes in case you want to apply them. The latest versions available are SP3 and HF5. SP5 is only available through CustomerSource.

The steps to install Forecaster are outlined in the Forecaster 7.0 Installation Guide. The guide is fairly lengthy, but the steps are fairly straight forward. To boil it down, click on the downloaded .exe from the workstation (it doesn’t have to be a server) where Forecaster is to be installed and follow the instructions in the installer. More than likely, you will not want to install ExpressLink or the Web Access pieces to start.

If you are installing to a 64 bit machine, there are a couple of extra steps to complete before installing. The details can be found here. What is needed is to install updated versions of two local SQL components (sqlncli_x64.msi and SQLServer2005_XMO_x64.msi). Both can be found here. After updating the local SQL components, run the Forecaster installer as described above. You may receive error messages related to management objects, just click through the errors and continue the installation. Once complete, follow the same steps to apply SP3 and HF5 or launch the program in the base version.

When launched, Forecaster will automatically bring up the login screen for the demo company. The username is ADM. Leave the password blank and select OK to login. Once logged in, you will have full control and access to setup, data entry and pre-defined reports from the demo company.

Nick Sercer - MSX Group

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