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I receive numerous questions about various screen and system "lock" situations that come up.  Some examples:


When opening a Rollup screen you receive the message:


This roll-up is currently being modified by another user. You will have read-only access during this session


When logging into the system users (and administrators) receive:


The system is currently locked for maintenance. Contact the Forecaster Administrator for further information.

When opening the Security screen or Routings screen, you receive:


Security Groups and Routings are already being reviewed by another user. Try again later.



These messages come up when other users are doing things within Forecaster, such as modifying periods, rollups or security.  Sometimes, though, these messages come up when there is no one actively working in the system.  This situation may be due to server disk space issues (specifically with period maintenance activities), a Forecaster crash, system timeout or product bugs.


If you are absolutely certain that no one is using the Security, Routings, Periods or Rollups screens, the fix for this is to use the Recovery tool.  Log into Forecaster as an administrator.  Go to Tools | Recovery.  When prompted, click "Yes" to run the recovery.  After the cleanup is complete, you will be asked if you'd like to run the Validate Database tool.  Typically you just say "No" to that prompt as there is likely no reason to run it for these scenarios.


I cannot stress enough that you need to be certain that no one else is using these screens.  If you release the locks while they are using them, the results could be unpredictable. 


As always, the MSX Group is here to assist you with all of your Forecaster needs, so if you are not sure about the error message you are receiving contact your MSX support representative or consultant for help.


Rob Diaz
MSX Group
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