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While you can define your report prompts and parameters within your Report Definition, Prospero provides you with the added flexibility to change your report prompts and parameters at run time. This allows you to override any prompts specified in the Report Definition itself.

In addition, Prospero also allows you to run your reports for multiple prompts. This allows you to select multiple segment values from the Report Options screen which will then generate that report specifically for that prompt information. As a result, when the report is run, a version of that report will be sent to the Output destination for each set of prompts selected.

To run a Report Definition for multiple report prompts:

  1. Click on the Reports bar to open the Reports Navigation Pane.
  2. Select your Report Definition and double-click to open the report in the workspace.
  3. Select the Run the Report Image1.png   option to run the report.
  4. In the Report Options screen, select a Segment ellipsis button. For this example, the Location/Division prompt ellipsis button is selected.


  5. In the Select dialog for the Location/Division segment, select the “Use Selection Tree” checkbox if it is not selected.


    You can also make your selections using the list view, however, for this example we can see the tree hierarchy best using the “Use Selection Tree” option.
  6. Choose multiple prompt options, such as the following:
    1. 12000 – New York Operations
    2. 31000 – San Francisco Services
    3. 33000 – San Francisco Sales
    You can multi-select these options using the CTRL + mouse-click.
  7. Select OK to populate the prompt with your selections. Where you’ve selected multiple prompt values, the segment Label will show as “multiple”.


  8. Use the “ALL” option for Company and Department.
  9. Select OK to run the report. A version of the report will be returned to your Output destination for each permutation of the prompts selected.


Remember, the data returned by the report prompts selected will be subject to the Assignments and Visibility settings assigned to your user, their role and/or the report.

Also, if data is not available for any of the segments selected, you will receive a Prospero warning message and any valid permutations of the report will execute after that.


For more information and help with designing your reports, contact MSX Group Support.

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