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One quick way to project or forecast actuals for the remainder of the year is to take the average of year-to-date actuals and post those balances to each future month, at least as a starting point. Your budget managers could then adjust those balances as needed on input screens in Forecaster.

How do I do this in Forecaster?

In Forecaster, a GLOBAL calculation and TASK can quickly and easily populate future months (periods) with the average of year-to-date actuals. You will need to create the Calculation Set with the GLOBAL calculations to populate the future Periods (the Periods must be POSTING on the PERIOD worksheet). You will then need to create a GLOBAL CALCULATION TASK to run the calculations against all CENTERs, ACCOUNTs and other Forecaster segments.

The Calculation Set will use “G” for the Type field of each formula. The formulas will only reference Period ID’s such as F201308=AY201307/7.

The TASK will be a GLOBAL Task using this Calculation Set.

Some clients will prefer to populate forecasted actuals into the ACTUAL Periods (i.e. A201308). Other might use FORECAST Periods (i.e. F201308)

The GLOBAL Task would look similar to:  “GLOBAL(FORECAST_ACTUALS)” with FORECAST_ACTUALS being the name of the Calculation Set.

Noah C. Moseley
MSX Group Senior Consultant and Certified Instructor

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