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Prospero allows you to display a YTD (year to date) value on a single line in a column of your reports using the “value placement” technique. This is a technique where the value type periodic (current) field in your Column Definition can be used as a reference point for displaying another value. In short, “value placement” allows you to pull a desired amount value from one row and column to display it on a different row and column, resulting in a scenario where the value overlays the original column period and value type.


 For example, let’s say that on your Statement of Cash Flow, you want a YTD value for the Cash Ending Balance to display in a column of your Column Definition.  In order to implement “value placement”, you will first reference the column and row codes of where the amount value is coming from. In the following example, column code D of the Column Definition and row code 1480 of the Line Definition represent the desired YTD amount value.





Next, determine in which column and row code you want the amount value to display. In the example above, you will have entered a formula with a syntax of B=[D].[1480] in row 1510 of the Line Definition. Only the resulting specific data value of this formula will displayed on the row/column. (Also, the same value will be placed in column B and E for row 1510.)


Remember, when designing a report with “value placement” it’s best to not use the Prospero Suppress feature in the Line and Column Definitions until you can verify that the amount value desired is displayed as expected in the FROM and TO locations. Then, you can set the Suppress option in the Line and Column Definition as however you wish. Please refer to the following.


Report results without Suppress settings:


Report results with Suppress settings:



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