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How can I sort my Prospero report’s rows?

Prospero allows you to sort your report’s rows in either ascending or descending order using either the row’s description or value. This is set using the Sort fields within your report’s Line and Column Definitions.


This simple Trial Balance example shows you how to sort a section of rows in your report by the Description field using the following steps:


1.)  Set the Sort field in your Column Definition in the sort order you prefer. In this example, the Row Definition Description field is set to “Ascending”.


(If you had wanted to sort on the value in either the Period or YTD columns instead, the Sort field in one of those columns should be set. However, only one sort can be applied to the report’s columns.)


2.)  Indicate in your Line Definition which rows to be sorted by using the “Start” and “End” Sort field values. In this Line Definition, only rows between Accounts 1100 and 1609 will be sorted.


Prospero also allows you to define multiple sort sections in your Line Definition using multiple “Start” and “End” designations. However, only one sort type – either ascending or descending – can be applied to the entirety of the report’s row selections.


3.)  When you run your report, you will see that the Description for rows between 1100 and 1609 appear in the ascending order specified.


In this example, the rows after the “End” designation in the Line Definition (i.e. account 2100 – Accounts Payable) are not sorted and appear in the same order as in the Line Definition.


For more information on using sorting in your Prospero reports, see the Column Definition Sort Field and Line Definition Sort Field topics in Prospero Help.

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