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How can I show 0’s on my reports (instead of blanks)?

Prospero provides you with the capability to define how your number values appear on your reports. While there are several out-of-the-box format options at your disposal, you can add or customize number formatting using the Prospero Number Formats workspace. 

To configure Prospero Number Formats:

  1. Click on the Configuration bar in the Prospero Navigation Pane.

  2. Click on the Number Formats icon to open the Number Formats workspace.

  3. Select an existing number format. (Or, you can add a new number format using the Insert option on the Home ribbon. For more information about adding number formats see Prospero Help.)

  4. To create a number format that will allow 0’s to show in your number fields (instead of blanks), type the following in the Format String field for an entry: #,##0  

    The Format String field contains the string of characters that define how to show numbers in Prospero: The # character is a placeholder for a digit in your number format so that any leading or trailing zeroes would be suppressed (i.e. blank).  The 0 character is a placeholder for a digit in your number format so that any leading or trailing zeroes would appear. Therefore, the format string #,### will not show zeroes in blank lines on reports while the format string #,##0 will show zeroes in blank lines.

  5. Now, take a look at the Zero field for your Number Format entry. This field is a visual indicator of how the number will appear in all zeroes format. If the field is blank, zeroes will not appear as part of any number formatting. You should see a 0.

  6. Close the Number Formats workspace and Save your changes when prompted. Or, simply use the Ctrl-S options to save your work.

  7. Make certain that you select the Number Format you modified in the Number Formats workspace in the Column, Line or Report Definition Number Format field or the Properties field.  For more information on the Number Format field, see Prospero Help.    


For more information on or support for your Prospero financial reporting system, please contact Support@MSXGroup.com

Penny Watts of the MSX Group
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