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Prospero provides you with the option to print your report on one page in instances where the number of columns on your report may be greater than can fit using the standard full size, or print at actual size, option. For example, this may be helpful where your report returns columns of data for the 12 months of the year, which may then overrun the right margin.

To print your report on one page, after running your report, print your report using the “Print to Fit Width” option. This is accessed from the File tab and then the Print selection bar (or the Prospero icon and then the Print selection bar, depending on the Visual Style you have selected.) The “Print to Fit Width” option is located under Settings on the Print panel. (The default setting is “Full Size”, however, you can select “Print to Fit Width” from the pulldown.)

Remember, the “Print to Fit Width” option may “shrink” the report’s font size so be sure to view your report in the Preview Pane to make sure your report information is still readable.

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