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Prospero provides you with the option to define which features and functions are most readily accessible in your Prospero workspace. These options – set on the Quick Access Toolbar or as keyboard shortcuts - give you the flexibility to quickly access the features in Prospero that you use most. In short, this allows you to make the Prospero environment more manageable and familiar for your specific uses.


The Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) is located at the top of your Prospero workspace, and by default, just below the main ribbon. Out-of-the-box, you will most likely see the Save and Refresh icons on the QAT. As a general rule, icons on the QAT will activate whenever you have Prospero elements (Line, Column, Report or Tree Definitions or Reports) open or active in your Prospero workspace.


To customize the options on your Quick Access Toolbar you can select the down-arrow on the bar itself and then select the “More Commands” option on the dropdown selection. This will bring you to the Options pop-up screen. Or, you can access the Options pop-up screen to customize the QAT from the Home ribbon by selecting Options and then Quick Access Toolbar.


The Options screen contains a host of commands that you can choose from that will allow you to define the features and functions available from the Quick Access Toolbar. Simply use the drop-down selections under “Choose commands from:” on the screen to pick a feature or function.  You can add the feature to the QAT by selecting it and then clicking the “Add” button. (It will then appear in the right-hand panel.) Conversely, you can delete a feature or function from the QAT by selecting it from the right-hand panel and then clicking the “Remove” button.


In addition, the Options screen allows you to add or customize keyboard shortcuts, which are combinations of keys to quickly perform Prospero functions. To set up a new or view and existing keyboard shortcut, select the “Customize” button. The Customize Keyboard screen will then show you any existing or pre-defined keyboard shortcuts in the Current Keys window whenever you select both a Category and Command which have an associated shortcut. (You can change or delete these shortcuts as you see fit, knowing that the “Reset All” button will also reset the Prospero workspace to use the out-of-the-box defaults.)   


Remember, once you’ve completed making your QAT or keyboard shortcut additions or revisions, click the “Ok” button to save your settings.

Penny Watts of the MSX Group
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