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Thanks for any help regarding the following questions:

Q: Does an FRx report need to be tied to a Tree for the pop-up & population of the description field to function?

Q: If yes to the above: I developed a report that had a Tree attached, but when I used a GL Acc't # similar to 1111.02 the corresponding field (and those that followed it) went haywire - giving me huge numbers as outputs. When I detached the Tree, the report recognized the xxxx.22 format and provided correct numbers & calculations. Is there a fix for this?

Last Q: I'm not sure how up-to-date my FRx software is, however, I see that there have been numerous updates to it (I think 10). Should I install the updates? Will they break or cause a problem with existing reports that have been developed? Is there a fee to install the updates?

Thanks. Bob


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Hi, regarding the two questions:

Let me clarify that in the ROW format there is the Description in Column B and the Link to the GL acct number in Column H.  These two fields may be displayed in the columns of your report using the COLUMN types DESC and ACCT respectively as seen in the column layout.  This functionality will work with or without a tree.  When you drill down to the account detail you may see the longer, full GL account string.

As for FRx Service Packs, it is OK and recommended to apply the latest SP which can be found and downloaded here:

Derek Krebs

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