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I am a Dynamics GP Reseller that still has several clients using FRx with their Dynamics GP software. I have been able to still support FRx over the years with the assistance of the knowledge of switching out the GPConn.dll and creating SQL Server ODBC Connection.

A recent issue has occurred where the installation of FRx will not happen on Windows 10 with the Creator update installed. On earlier versions of Windows 10 (and other 64 Bit) Operating Systems I was able to install the software and get it working. 

Now, when trying to install the software a window will pop up stating that "The current version of the application could not be determined. The setup will not terminate."

This only occurs on Windows 10 with the Creator (or Fall 2017) update installed. I have tried to put the installation in XP compatibility mode but this does not help.

Any ideas on how to correct this issue?



Bill Thomas

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Hi David,

Thank you for your post!  I hope you will understand that while our Support Team has encountered this problem and we have worked through it successfully, this request would fall under the requirement to have an Annual Support Plan with us.  If you are interested in pursuing this, please visit the following link for the methods you can contact us.  That way we can get started putting an Annual Support Plan in place.


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