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Since the Forecaster 7.0 SP3 upgrade people who don’t already have the Forecaster web client installed try to use Forecaster  Web Access they get an error stating that the Forecaster WebClient.msi file is missing.

1. Close all running instances of Microsoft Forecaster and stop the Web server instance.
Caution: A reboot may be required if you do not stop the Internet Information Server service prior to installing this service pack on the web server.
2. Launch the FC70SP3.msi file on the Web server for which you want to apply the updates.
3. If prompted, click Run on the Security Window that opens to begin to apply the updates.
4. Follow the prompts in the Setup Wizard to install the Service Pack.
5. Click Finish once the installation completes.
6. The next time the user connects to Microsoft Forecaster Web Access from their Web browser they will be prompted to install the updated components.
Note: To update the web components on the user’s workstations be sure that the shortcut they use does not have a specific ASP page in the URL. For example, the URL should be https://servername/Forecaster7 not https://servername/Forecaster7/Forecaster.asp.

Added note:  If running Windows 7, try launching Internet Explorer (IE) 'as administrator' to get the install to run.  Right click on IE and choose 'Run as Administrator'.  Then navigate to "servername/forecaster" and see if the install works this time.  Windows 7 is far better with the UAC than Vista ever was, but it still has some quirks.

Content provided by Rob Diaz and Nick Sercer of the MSX Group.

Noah C. Moseley
MSX Group Senior Consultant and Certified Instructor

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