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Most Forecaster users know that the power of reporting is the effective use of rollups.  Rollups can be used in the lines, columns and/or the prompt of a Forecaster report.  Creating a rollup is straightforward enough, but what do you do if the data you need to analyze is not already logically grouped in a rollup?  For instance, you wanted to see the budget vs. actual variances of several non-grouped departments in total.


Answer: Use the reporting rollup on the fly.  When you launch your report, you are prompted to select the department.  Use the control and/or the shift key to select multiple departments.  When you do this, the “Summarize” check box appears on the Select Prompts dialog box.  Make sure it is checked and click OK.  The resulting report displays a rollup (total) of the departments you selected.


Bonus: Follow the steps above, but do not check the Summarize box to open multiple reports at once.  Try it and then go to the Windows menu option to see that all of the reports opened in different windows.


Doug Haynie
Simplifying Budgeting, Financial Reporting, and Analysis
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