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Occasionally Microsoft Forecaster has a license bug, below on how to fix.

Thankfully this is not an issue with the next generation product MSX Prospero product that does both budgeting and reporting with a conversion utility from Forecaster! http://msxgroup.com/products/prospero-overview/

To fix Forecaster license issue:

1. Go to computer/user that does not get error, login to Forecaster then go to Help | About Microsoft Forecaster to jot down license number
2. Go to computer/user with error and enter license key (Help | About Microsoft Forecaster and click the New License button and enter license # from above step

Derek Krebs

Sr Consultant, MSX Group

Phone: 760.274.6670

Email: Derek.Krebs@msxgroup.com

Website:  http://www.msxgroup.com

LIVE demonstration of Prospero

“8 Great Reasons to Switch to Prospero”

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