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I have one user in particular, a laptop user and local admin running Windows 7 that I cannot get logged into Forecaster using Windows Authentication. I can however log this user into my Windows 7 box or Windows XP and she get's in just fine. So for sure I know that back-end SQL permissions are adequate.

What I've tried to date:

Re-installing Forecaster on the laptop as myself, a domain admin. Didn't work as myself or as her. I copied the install files locally and ran them from the C:\Temp folder. I copied my Forecaster.ini file to her Windows folder, their user/appdata/localMicrosoft/Forecaster folder, even to C:\Windows\syswow64 thinking that might do the trick.

Pretty stumped here. Any thoughts? Again, I can log into other machines as her and it works.


Microsoft Forecaster could not log you on. Make sure the Application name, user name and password are correct. Make sure the Caps Lock is not accidentally on. Letters in passwords must be typed using the correct case.

Now keep in mind I'm using Windows Authentication. I've verified multiple times the database connection is correct, and as I said, she can log into Forecaster on other machines.


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I saw you came across this article (http://boards.msxgroup.com/post/Installing-Microsoft-Forecaster-7.0-on-64bit-Operating-Systems-4920746) after posting this. Hopefully it resolved your issue.  Basically, I believe the trouble you are seeing on this workstation is very likely related to the SQL client components and not with Forecaster. 

You didn't say what version of SQL server you're connecting to, but if it is SQL 2008, this article may also be relevant: http://boards.msxgroup.com/post/Forecasters-Database-Wizard-Cannot-Connect-to-SQL-Server-2008-Database-Servers-4856519

Let us know if this helps.

Rob Diaz
MSX Group

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Thank you Rob, that did work famously.
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