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Have you noticed Forecaster's saves on the input screen getting a little bit slower? Are COMP, ALLOCATE and INPUTCALC tasks taking longer to complete than they used to?  There may be a way to improve performance of these items.

Some customers who have used Forecaster for a long time can end up with a lot of old, stale "temporary" transaction batches in the transaction table. This table is used by the input screen save process as well as many of the task commands as a temporary holding place for data that is in need of being saved.  If there are a lot of records in these transaction tables, it takes longer for Forecaster to sort and populate the table.

One way to possibly improve performance for Input screen saves and tasks is to clear out these transaction batches.  You can do this one by one if you wish, by opening batches, deleting all of the records in the batch and then saving. Or you can use the Zap Wizard to do the work.  In the Zap Wizard (Tools | Zap), select the Data option.  On the next screen, choose the Transactions checkbox at the bottom of the screen. This will enable the drop down box for Transactions to Zap.  Select 'Posted Transactions' to remove all records that have already been posted to the database.  Select 'All Transactions' to remove all records from the tables, regardless of whether they have been posted or not.

Not all environments will see significant performance improvements from zapping their transaction batches, but many will.  It may be worth a try if performance in Forecaster has been slowing down.

As always, make sure you have a good backup of the database before you begin.

Rob Diaz
MSX Group
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