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Creating a copy of a budget is easy using the Copy Plan Wizard in Microsoft Forecaster. Pretty much every client I have needs more than one version of their budget. They will have a conservative version, an aggressive version, a realistic version and about fifty million other versions. With Microsoft Forecaster, creating these copies is pretty easy using the Copy Plan Wizard. The Copy Plan Wizard is located in Forecaster under Tools, Wizards and then Copy Plan Wizard. This wizard will let you copy balances, memos, HR details, revenue details, capital details, line item details, HR setup, exchange rates, input set overrides and more from one budghet scenario to another budget scenario. It is an awesome feature and comes in really handy when getting ready for a new budget or forecast.

There are three main tasks to complete before starting the Copy Plan Wizard:

  1. Create the new PERIODS for the new scenario.
  2. Create the new COLUMN SET to be used for this new INPUT SET.
  3. Create the new INPUT SET ID.

If possible, copy the existing Column Set and Input Set to create the new versions.

Launch the Copy Plan Wizard from Tools>Wizards.

The first screen of the wizard allows you to select the INPUT SET from which you are copying data and the INPUT SET to which you are copying. You may also specify the SEGMENTS and PERIODS – whether or not you are copying all of the SEGMENT ID’s and all of the PERIODS involved or just specific SEGMENT ID’s and PERIODS.

The second screen of the wizard allows you to select different pieces that you wish to copy including account balances, memos, revenue details, HR details, Line Item Details, Capital Details, HR Setup, Overrides and Exchange Rates.

The next and last screen of Forecaster’s Copy Plan Wizard is really just summary of the selections made of the previous screens. After clickng FINISH, the Copy Plan Wizard runs pretty fast and the new scenario is then ready for input.

For questions about this post, email Noah.Moseley@MSXGroup.com

Noah is available for assistance with new implementations of Microsoft Forecaster or with questions on existing implementations of Microsoft Forecaster.

Noah C. Moseley
MSX Group Senior Consultant and Certified Instructor

Email me if you need help installing, implementing or just need training on Microsoft Forecaster, Management Reporter or FRx. Plus, Prospero for Financial Reporting and Budgeting is now available. See our introductory video at http://msxgroup.com/prospero_video_introduction

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Hi Noah,
I set up a column for 2016 Budget that included the 2015 Budget Total.  The Budget totals displayed until I used the copy plan wizard to copy the 2015 Forecast data into the 2016 Budget.  My managers use a lot of line detail and didn't want to setup the lines again.  They like to just use the forecast (6 months actual/6 months projection) .  Now only the 2015 HR lines have a 2015 total displaying.  Not sure how to correct the problem. 


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Hi Trisha,

I'm not sure I understand what is not displaying.  Are you saying the YTD budget total is not showing in the 2016 input set?  Or are you saying the account balances are not showing for 2016 data?  Or something else?

If the 2015 budget total isn't showing, the thing I'd suggest checking into is whether or not the 2015 budget columns are available within the input set (in the baseline columns, for example).  If they are not there, then the calculated YTD total for 2015 cannot calculate.

Please let us know some more details here in the forums or feel free to contact us at services@msxgroup.com for more direct assistance and troubleshooting on this.

Rob Diaz
MSX Group
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