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Watch the video or read the transcript below.

Prospero's Quick Access Toolbar is an easy way for any user to keep their more commonly used functions in easy reach. For me, as a user that regularly builds and generates reports, I thought I would share with you what I have on my Quick Access Toolbar. First though, let's look at where the Quick Access Toolbar is located, where do you make changes and then I'll list the functions that I keep on mine.

Where is the Quick Access Toolbar located? The Quick Access Toolbar is always located near the top of your screen. It will either be above or below the Ribbon. 

Quick Access Toolbar Above and Below the Ribbon.png 

I keep mine below the Ribbon because it is sometimes partially hidden if you have it located above the Ribbon and you have other windows open like a Line Set.

Quick Access Toolbar Above the Ribbon is Partially Hidden.png 

It is easy to move the toolbar above or below the ribbon. Click the edit button at the right-side of the toolbar and select your preferred location.

Quick Access Toolbar Move Below the Ribbon.png 

The Edit Button also lets you make changes to which icons are displayed on your Quick Access Toolbar by clicking the 'More Commands' option.

Quick Access Toolbar More Commands.png 

The More Commands window will let you Add or Remove Commands to/from the Quick Access Toolbar. There is a drop-down menu to select Commands from different Menus. There are also up and down arrows on the right-side of the window to change the order in which the selected Commands display from left to right.

Quick Access Toolbar More Commands Window.png 

Now for the one's that I have on my Quick Access Toolbar:
Noahs Quick Access Toolbar Icons.png 

From left to right,
(1.) Refresh the Current Screen,
(2.) Navigate to the Previous Window,
(3.) Navigate to the Next Window,
(4.) Open the Column Definition used by the Current Window,
(5.) Open the Line Definition used by the Current Window,
(6.) Open the Report Definition of the Currently Open Report,
(7.) Open any Building Blocks,
(8.) Resize all Columns in the Current Window,
(9.) Close all Open Windows,
(10.) Create a New Item,
(11.) Create a New Report,
(12.) Create a New Set of Columns,
(13.) Create a New Set of Lines and
(14.) Save your Changes.

These are the ones that I use all the time and it is great always having them visible no matter what window I have open and within a single click!

Watch for other Prospero tips and tricks here on this message board. Email me if I can answer any questions for you on Prospero or if you need personalized training, help building reports or just want to share some of your own tips. 

Noah Moseley, Senior Consultant
(334) 538-0580 cell

Noah C. Moseley
MSX Group Senior Consultant and Certified Instructor

Email me if you need help installing, implementing or just need training on Microsoft Forecaster, Management Reporter or FRx. Plus, Prospero for Financial Reporting and Budgeting is now available. See our introductory video at http://msxgroup.com/prospero_video_introduction

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