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I have a two page balance sheet that I need to remain on two pages.
When I generate it from Management Reporter 2012, it appears fine on the screen.  However, I need to export it to excel, and when I do, the headers vanish from the second page.

I have tried all the different output options, with no luck.  The preview before export in MR is fine and has the headers on both pages, so something happens when it exports.
I don't want to create two separate pages for the report, but right now I don't know how to get it to work. Thanks for your help. 

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Hi, the Mgt Reporter repeating of column headers only applies to the Mgt Reporter Viewer (client and web viewers).  In Excel, these settings do not translate to what is seen in Mgt Reporter Viewer.  We suggest leveraging the Viewer capabilities for printing/viewing/analysis (secure, real-time, etc.).  Microsoft does collect product feedback and enhancement requests at: https://connect.microsoft.com

Derek Krebs

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