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Can I sort my Prospero report’s rows when I use Line Expansion?

Similar to sorting a specific block of rows in a Line Definition, you can also sort your Prospero report’s rows when using Line Expansion. Line Expansion is a powerful Prospero Line Definition feature that allows you to reference a tree summary item which will automatically expand to show the individual items in that summary as rows on your report.


To sort using Line Expansion you must also set the Sort field in your Column Definition to either ascending or descending order. In this example, the Row Definition Description field is set to sort in “Ascending” order.


If you want to sort on the value in either the Period or YTD columns instead, set the Sort field in one of those columns. However, only one sort can be applied to the report’s columns.


Line Expansion is set in your Line Definition using the Expand field. The Expand field allows you to specify where the expanded rows will appear - either “Above” or “Below” the summary. This field is used in conjunction with the Levels field (to indicate how many branches deep to expand the summary item) and the Expanded Line Format field (which allows you to define the formatting for the expanded rows). In this example, the tree summary item “EXPN” will expand to two levels deep above the row.


Next, set your expanded line to use the sort. Click on the ellipsis button in the Expanded Line Format field, and in the Format Expanded Lines dialog, check the “Sort” checkbox.


After saving your Line and Column Definitions with these settings, run your report. The report will show the Descriptions for the expanded rows in ascending alphabetical order.


You can set more than one summary item in your Line Definition to sort in this manner. However, the expanded rows will all sort using the method specified in the Column Definition and only within their grouping.


For more information on using sorting in your Prospero reports, see the Column Definition Sort Field, Line Definition Sort Field, and Expanded Line Format field topics in Prospero Help.


Also, refer to the Prospero Message Board item: “How can I sort my Prospero report’s rows”.

Penny Watts of the MSX Group
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