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I would appreciate feedback from anyone who is successfully using statistics in AX2009 and reporting on them in MR.  I understand there are statiscial accounts in AX2012, but we are far off from that integration - we need help with 2009. 
Speficifcally, we are looking to record units shipped each month in AX and report on that number in MR.  I have found the quantity field in both the budget model area and in ledger entries, but it's getting that data to report correctly in MR that I'm having difficulty performing.
Any examples of how it's being done would be appreciated.


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Hi Diane,

Please look to the column definition.  When including a FD (Financial Dimension column type) where you may grab ACTUAL look within that field for any recognition of ACTUAL_QUANTITY.  In addition, there is also the ATTR (Attribute column type) that you may use and the cell beneath the ATTR will have a pick list for attributes (like Quantity should be seen and other Transaction detail items which are nice to display on transaction detail reports).  These same attributes may also be filtered on within a FD/ACTUAL column as their is an Attribute filter toward the bottom of the column definition by the Start/End Date filters.

I would be glad to show you such items and field any specific questions relating to your AX 2009 setup and use so feel free to email directly.

Derek Krebs
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