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It is a known issue that there is no way to completely remove an employee from Microsoft Foreacaster 7's HR Master screen. You can remove them from all Input Sets but you still cannot get them out of the main HR Master List view.

The best workaround for this is to Inactivate the employee.

When an employee is marked as Inactive, they cannot be added to an input set, they cannot be modified in any way. And, if you tell Forecaster to hide Inactive employees, they won't show on your screen. So inactivating an employee who has been removed from all Input Sets can mimic deleting them.

To Inactivate an employee do the following:

1. Go to Data |HR Master
2. On the HR Master screen, switch to the HR Master List view (the last option in the Input Set dropdown).
3. Select the employee(s) you wish to Inactivate, then right-click and choose "Inactivate".
4. Save.

This will turn the row color for the selected employee(s) to the disabled color setting you have chosen (default is a gray color).

If you noticed, on the right-click menu there was an option that was probably checked by default called "Show Inactive Employees". If you uncheck this option, Inactive Employees will be hidden throughout the system.

Please note that Inactive Employees are not deleted employees. They still exist. If you had them in an Input Set, they are still there and their numbers still calculate. But they cannot be modified in any way. This is useful if, say, an employee leaves the company for one reason or another. The dollars already in the system for them still were budgeted, but moving forward the employee should not change anymore.

While there is no true way to delete employees completely from within the Microsoft Forecaster 7 Client, Inactivating employees gives a reasonably easy way to workaround the problem.

Rob Diaz
MSX Group
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