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Welcome to the Prospero Message Board Rob.Diaz 575 0 06/14/13
by Rob.Diaz
Can I define which segments appear as part of the label in my report’s account-level drill down? robinanicholls 37 0 04/13
by robinanicholls
What does the “Allow line expansion” option do when I run reports? robinanicholls 44 0 04/07
by robinanicholls
How can I show 0’s on my reports (instead of blanks)? pwatts 54 0 04/01
by pwatts
Creating Custom Date Formats Sandra.Arnold 157 0 01/27
by Sandra.Arnold
How do I use the DPR function? robinanicholls 774 0 02/11/14
by robinanicholls
Quick Start for Report Definitions robinanicholls 704 0 12/30/13
by robinanicholls
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